Traditional Foods

Finally, I have posted my notes from Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions.  You’ll find the link in my sidebar in the Check Out list – Traditional Foods.  Now that I’ve been eating somewhat more “traditionally” for around six months, I am really convinced that this is the way to go.  I have been losing weight despite not doing much exercise, and despite eating lots of raw butter and raw cream.  You can’t believe how good it feels to put cream on porridge and eat a breakfast that is so delicious, and know that it’s actually doing my body good.  When I started, six months ago, I didn’t dare do this.  I took on a few of Fallon’s ideas, and when I started seeing some benefits, I took on a few more, and so on.  I’ve been gradually inching my way into it and with each change I’m glad I took the plunge.  Now I’m convinced.

I don’t consider my health to be 100% yet though.  I have a health rating system for myself which I use by keeping a log for a month, every now and then.  January, before I started, was a fairly normal month for me.  My sickness rating was 34 (a lot of sickness) and I felt well for only FOUR days!  I did it again in May – this time my sickness rating was 14 (still too high but WAY better than 34) and I felt well for fourteen days.  A big improvement.  That said, I’ve got a cold right now and have spent a couple of days in bed so I feel a bit disheartened.  I have to remind myself though, that the last time I had a cold this bad was in January, and usually I get these big whammers every month!  So I’m doing ok.  This inspires me to return to the book and work out what my next step in the health recovery diet is going to be….

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