Pants and Skirt

Pants and Skirt

My neighbour was having a garage sale and I scored this lovely cotton sarong, oh so light and soft. I turned it into summer pants for Jesse.

Pants and Skirt 2

I didn’t hem them – just ripped an extra strip of fabric and sewed it around the bottom to make a few layers of rough edges:


Pants and Skirt 3

There was a bit left, so I turned it into a skirt. Jesse is partial to skirts. I don’t have a problem with boys wearing a skirt, though Paula has been worried that I dress him in them and one day he’ll get teased about it. Interestingly one morning when he put on a skirt, she told him, “You know everyone will think you’re a girl?” And he replied, quite calmly, “Yeah, I don’t care about that.” And has continued to happily wear a skirt on the days he feels like wearing one. Frankly I’m proud to have a boy who isn’t worried about conformity and doesn’t feel the need to spurn everything “girly” as though it had germs. Anyway, the skirt can be worn with the pants, like this:


Pants and Skirt 4 Pants and Skirt 5

Or by itself:


Pants and Skirt 6

And I gave it the same rough “hem” – it was easy and I really like the way it looks.


Pants and Skirt 7

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