Here are some snippets of conversation that Jesse has been involved with recently. I always mean to write them down but often forget.

Jesse: I need a poo.
Me: Ok you go and pop on the toilet. I’ll come soon to wipe your bum.
Jesse: I want Paula to do it.
Me: I’m not sure Paula wants to. I think she’s having a lie down.
Jesse: (calling to the next room) Paulie! Do you want to wipe my bum?
Paula: Umm, no thanks.
Jesse: (to me, in surprise) oh, Paula doesn’t want to wipe my bum. Ok, you can do it.
Me: (somewhat less than sincerely) thanks.

In bed the other night as I was tucking him in: Jesse: I love you all the way to the tenth planet and back, in a bath with wings. Did you know there’s a tenth planet? It’s even further away than Pluto. That’s how much I love you. That’s SOOOO much.

Paula overheard Jesse talking to a boy he met and played with at a party, as they were saying goodbye to each other. Jesse: If you came over to my house I would play with you SO much.

Climbing onto Paula’s lap: “This morning I am interested in you.”

And on spotting her washing the dishes, “Oh, you are nice to be cleaning it.”

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