A Cat For Marlow

A Cat For Marlow

Marlow’s second birthday today – we were discussing present ideas this morning and Paula remembered that he likes cats. Happily we’d finished cutting the quilt so I could dip into all my lovely fabrics. Here’s the result – it only took an hour to whip up this morning and I really enjoyed making it. I cut a few corners as I was in a bit of a rush – namely I stuffed it softly instead of hard, resulting in a few wrinkles. I’d like to expand on this idea and make some dolls with my beautiful fabrics. So many combinations I am inspired by, and different designs for dolls I feel like making. Just over a week now till we leave for Brisbane in Bertha, for three months, and I have to decide which projects I’m bringing with me. It’s so hard because I never know where my inspiration is going to take me next, and which of my supplies I have at home I’m likely to want.

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