Moo 1

My beloved grandmother, who we called Moo, died when I was pregnant with Jesse. She was sick for a few months before she died and this was a precious time for lots of talking – I asked her so many questions, then came home and wrote the stories she told me into my diary. After her death I made this little 6″ x 6″ scrapbook with everything I wanted to remember about her. I included newsclippings, a scan of her passport, anecdotes told by others at her funeral, a summary of her life written by my mum, a song my mum wrote about her for her 80th birthday, my own recollections from my diary, and even typed up sections of Moo’s own journal. Not only do I now have a book which holds all my treasured memories of her, but I can read through it with Jesse so he knows who she was as well. Last year I copied several of the pages and put them into an album for my mum and my aunt. I didn’t include all the pages – some of them were a bit too personal, but it still made a great present, and there was space at the back of their albums for them to add their own pages if they wished. Here are some of my favourite pages from the book:


Moo 2

The summary of her life my mum wrote:


Moo 3

Her passport and some travel-related memories:

Moo 4

Some newsclippings about her:


Moo 5

Moo 6

About her engagement and her reaction to mine:

Moo 7

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