Not a bike

Not a bike

I’m not a bike person. I tell you, I’m most definitely not a bike person, and I’ve managed to give myself a fair bit of flak about it over the years. I did ride my bike to school, as a teenager, but my great career as a cyclist ended when I got hit by a car and put several bones out of place. Actually, my career ended a month or so later, when I got back on the bike and came within millimetres of having exactly the same accident again. And again the week after. My bike was a bit twisted anyway – it never quite bounced back from that accident. Years later I reckoned I’d try again.

You know that saying, you never forget how to ride a bike? Well, it didn’t apply to me. I was wobbling all over the shop, had lost so much confidence that just braking seemed to be a good reason to take a headfirst towards the road. I figured I just needed persistence. So, over the next few years I persisted, intermittently. I hated every minute of it, but still reckoned if I tried harder, I’d somehow “get it” and it would be easier. Then Paula, bless her, told me to give myself a break. I got off my bike, gave it away, and have felt a lot lighter since, except maybe for my guilt about being such a incessant car person.

Anyway, funny how kids can stretch your boundaries, but that’s what Jesse’s done. He zooms around the block on his “big pink bike” and I ended up grabbing his scooter just to try and keep up with him. I figured, if he’s learning, I’ll learn something too. I fell off the scooter less often than he did and that was encouraging. And then, I got so zoomy myself that I reckoned I’d get myself my own scooter so I can enjoy our rides without stooping over to hold onto his tiny little thing.

Ta da – here it is! It’s actually a bike board – not a bike and not a scooter. I stood Jesse on the front, got him to hold onto the handle bars, and we zoomed all the way home from Northlands – took an hour and we went a lot faster than I thought possible. I went back the next day to buy a helmet.

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