Spotty Apron

Spotty Apron 1 Spotty Apron 2

I sewed this apron for Jesse using the vintage pattern I found in the op shop on the way up to Queensland. The spotty fabric has clear plastic in front of it, so we can wipe off food spills easily. I’ve been too uptight to set him up with paints cos I didn’t want to get paint on all his clothes. Now he can go for it. It fits nicely over the top of his clothes – I just had to get him nude underneath for cuteness factor while he posed for the photos! Oh and the best bit is that I learnt how to do bias binding! I haven’t dared to risk it since I made a mess of my last attempt in about grade six. I can see I’ve got a real future coming my way with bias binding. Jesse’s holding a bunny I made from the same spotty fabric and an old white sheet, ready to give to Ruby Grace. I tried a close up photo of the bunny but it didn’t work out, so will take another one before we visit Ruby Grace tomorrow.

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